Managing knowledge in a profitable way

To gain (new) knowledge is one side, but managing it and to integrate it into an exiting process is the other side.

Only if you can understand process related situations better, you will be able to manage them accordingly. Electronic Booking Channels for example represent a challenge for themselves. To be listed is good. But understanding the relationships of the various databases, knowing the source of content and to adjust and regulate rates and availability is also key.

Top Gahn will help you understand more on these fields:

  • Data Quality in Electronic Booking Channels
  • Rate Structures
  • Yield- and Revenue-Management
  • Sales Techniques on rooms, rates and additional sales
  • Guest communication: Verbal, Written and online
  • Reputation Management
  • Rate Parity

We will accompany, pose the right questions, check your results and optimize “on the job”. Or better – We will train you to become more efficient. And moreover: We will motivate you to stick to your commitments.

Your team will love this move into the future, your guests will be pleased with the higher level of quality and you will be pleased to see your revenue grow.