Consulting – Your key to success

Clear analytics, realistic goals and practice oriented actions.

Top Gahn will show you customized solutions how to optimize revenues for your hotel on a short term, mid term and long term basis.
The close co-operation between you and TopGahn is vital to create this fitting key. No matter if it is for optimized pricing, acquisition of new customers, the creation of a logical, flexible sales strategy or leveraging customer satisfaction at your property.

We will focus on the main topics, deliver concrete suggestions and find answers – amongst others also for these questions:

  • Sales – how can I manage corporate business and enter new markets?
  • Hotel Representation Company – which is the most suitable and cost effective partner?
  • Electronic Databases – How can I gain back control and where are my priorities?
  • Rate Structures – How can I manage more flexible rates?
  • Revenue Management – When is it best to offer certain rates and how can I optimize yield and occupancy?
  • Rate Parity – Why is rate parity important and how will I reach parities in all channels?
  • Process Optimization – How can I avoid my employees of being overloaded or devy?
  • Hotel Concepts – I am managing a hotel, but do not know much about the industry. Where are the traps and how can I avoid them?
  • Website – How can I achieve a revenue creating website for my property?
  • Search Engine Optimization – How can I manage to get a better position in search results with leading search engines?
  • Marketing – How can I optimize my marketing-mix. Where are my strengths and weaknesses?

Send us a message and we will send you a detailed offer – free of charge and without any obligation.